Barbara Schmitz

How to Get Out of the Body

“These are tough, seasoned, well-grounded poems from a poet who has earned her authority by grounding herself in the reality of her language, subject matter, and craft.” David Lee, Poet Laureate of Utah.

“The poems in this book are about her parents’ aging and dying, but on a deeper level, they are also about seeking release from the body’s limits.” “. . . how we relate to the world around us, what are lives mean, what will happen when we die.: Diane Blinn

Selected Works

What Bob Says (Some More) is about pleasure and delight, talking and listening/not listening, sex on the porch, being right, giving up, God, hearts and wings, yogurt, books, sirens, red/blue ambulance lights, happily ever after.
A deep drink of human joy and sorrow. Songs of Living Aware, richly.
"By the end of this chapbook, Bob has become as real as your crazy uncle.
--Phil Wagner
“Barbara Schmitz is the Lucinda Williams of the poetry world.”
--Paul Zarzyski
“. . . chillingly honest. Schmitz is a courageous poet. She tells us the truth.”
--Greg Kuzma
Intense narrative poems about poet’s pilgrimage to Israel
"Schmitz endeavors to understand 'the mystery and beauty of being alive.' I name her the Queen of Constancy for her devotion to meditation and never letting up of giving up on her spiritual journey. Enjoy the rich trip."
-- Natalie Goldberg, author of Writing Down the Bones